Fab or Fad? EOS Lip Balm Review


Last holiday season, I managed to get my hands on the EOS Lip Balm Smooth Sphere Holiday Pack. It consisted of three of their signature egg-shaped lip balms: strawberry sorbet, sweet mint, and passion fruit. Knowing where I live, I did not expect to see these lip balms at all. So when I saw them, I jumped at the chance to discover whether they really are as good as the hype.

It seemed to me that part of the hype surrounding this product had to do with its amazing moisturizing properties. I don’t necessarily agree with that. I honestly do not think that this lip balm is more moisturizing than any other. To me, the moisturizing properties of all lip balms are too similar to make any distinction at all.

Before I started using the EOS, I was using the Maybelline Baby Lips tinted lip balm which had a really creamy and glossy texture. The actual product of the EOS is more dense and does not give your lips a glossy texture or sheen.

I’ll admit, I would have purchased this product based on packaging alone. I mean, who could resist such a unique and interesting egg-shape? The packaging is also very good quality and sturdy. The problems with the packaging arise if you’re like me and like to place a million lip products in your pockets. You really can’t do this with the EOS. But that’s just a minor setback.

Smell (and Taste… LOL):
As far as the smell goes, I am really impressed by the range of scents the lip balms come in.  My favourite smell so far is passion fruit (purple). Sometime, I accedentally lick part of my lips with this product on. The taste of the passion fruit is actually pretty amazing! It’s sweet like candy. (Although, I don’t advise that you wear this product for this purpose alone.) I find that after I wipe the product off my lips, the taste still lingers around.

Will I be repurchasing this product? Honestly, I really depends on how long the hype of this product lasts. (It’s just starting to become popular in my country so the hype may last longer than in USA.)
Do I recommend this? Yes. Not for the product, but because of the packaging!
Main Pro: Design of Packaging… It’s a great conversation starter!
Main Con: The actual lip balm is nothing special.

And did I mention all the celebrities who have been spotted using this product!?!


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