Review: Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer!!


What is the reason for the hype surrounding the Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer? Is it really that amazing? I purchased this product from Sephora for $42.00 CA to find out for myself. 


In the tube, this concealer has a very creamy and liquid consistency. The unusual aspect however, is that it creates a powder-like finish after it dries. This is great for those of you will oily skin because there’s no worry about looking shiny. Another plus is that this product does not tend to look cakey on the skin. This is because only a small amount of product is required for every application.

One thing that stood out to me when I first purchased the product is there was a lot of empty space in the tube. At first I was disappointed with this considering the steep price, but later realized that the 6mL lasts a VERY long time.


With this product, less is more! This concealer is probably the most pigmented and capable of covering the most imperfections, of all the concealers I have ever used. It takes a few tries to get the hang of how much product is required for each application, but after the trial period, it is very simple to cover even the darkest areas.


This product comes in a matte black tube. Nothing really special about it.


My experience with this product is that there was no problem with this product travelling on my skin. However, it does slightly fade as the day goes on.

Final Thoughts:

Will I be repurchaisng this product? Yes

Do I recommend this? Yes

Main Pro: Amazing Coverage

Main Con: Price 


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