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Trends: Do we still follow them?


In their most recent issue, Teen Vogue reports, “[celebrities] are opting to exchange the safety of the expected route in order to lead the tread toward a more unique personal look.”

Ponder upon it for a second and you may see the statement’s accuracy in today’s pop culture. We all remember Lady Gaga’s infamous meat dress and the last time I checked, poultry fashion isn’t (and let’s hope will never be) a trend. For Gaga, it was about wearing what she wanted to wear and having the confidence to do it.

At times it can feel like a challenge to break free from the status quo of fashion — perhaps out of fear of ending up on the worst-dressed lists. However, formulating a personal style that is uniquely distinct from everyone else and suffering a few fashion misses along the way is all part of finding yourself.

Don’t get me wrong though; I’m not telling you to go to your local supermarket to see what garments they have in the meat section. It’s possible to take small risks without pulling a Nicki Minaj or Lady Gaga.

Line said she modified Aria's metallic blue leather skirt from Topshop by adding more pleats and shortening it.

Aria’s skirt is a great example of this. I’m not going to lie though. When I first saw her Topshop Metallic Pleated Skirt, I wasn’t too sure what I thought of it because it was so distant from the regular skirts we normally encounter. But the more I looked at it, the more I thought of what kind of person would wear this piece. This person would have to be a bold risk-taker with an abundance of confidence. This skirt is simply a statement of fashion eccentricity and personal style — like a more wearable version of Gaga.

Try a bold and unexpected piece. You may be surprised by the power of uniqueness.


History of the Trench Coat!


Today’s society loves trench coats. They are a timeless style that are worn by men and women all around the globe. We love that they are practicable, comfortable, and can go with pretty much anything!

The trench coat was originally designed for British and French soldiers in the First World War. Thomas Burberry, the founder of Burberry, submitted a design to the UK War Office for an officer’s raincoat in 1901. It success resulted in an alternate design of the officer’s raincoat for soldiers in the trenches. The name trench coat came from soldiers who wore them in the front line. The fabric of the coats were extremely absorbent and often weighed about 40 to 60 pounds because of the absorbed water and mud.

Burberry Newspaper Ad (1908)

The design of the original trench coat consisted of shoulder straps and D-rings. The shoulder straps were for attaching epaulettes and many people believe the D-rings were to hold hand grenades. In the Second World War, the trench coat caught on to other armies such as the one of United States, Russia, and Germany.

Germany, 1953

The trench coat has remained fashionable decades after the war. After the war, many veterans who returned home continued to wear their trench coats. Because they were originally a part of an army officer’s uniform, they were worn by many to obtain a businesslike respectability from others.

Fashion Evolution: Taylor Swift!


Name: Taylor Alison Swift
Born: December 13, 1989
Occupation: Singer-songwriter, musician, record producer
Years Active: 2006 – Present

At only age 5, Taylor passes for any other regular child. She poses wearing the typical 90’s apparel which consisted of a zip turtleneck sweater and jeans.

At 13 we were all experimenting with our style, weren’t we? Let’s just be glad she’s graduated from sheer tank tops that completely reveal her bras.


Finally, we can all start to see the birth of a country star when she is fifteen. She dresses in a typical country musician manner with a simple tank top, light-wash jeans, a hat, and her best accessory, her guitar! However, we’re still waiting for Taylor to develop a her unique style.

In 2006, Taylor starts to attend award shows like Country Music Television awards where she wore a simple white dress. Still, we are waiting to be wowed.

FINALLY!!! We get some SPARKLE!!! At the 2012 Grammy Awards Taylor has sealed her  unique fashion identity with her signature sparkles. Now, she truly looks like the star she was born to be.

The Cycle of Fashion!


We all have heard that fashion always comes back around. Several times have I gone into my mom’s closet and taken something that she thought went out of style decades ago. Recently, I came across a section in my business textbook about a Reader’s Digest article about fashion written back in 2002. Journalist James Laver captured “The Cycle of Fashion” as follows:

Pretty interesting eh…

Style Evolution: 2012 Prom Lookbook!


Today, I am going to start a new series that will attempt to document the evolution of fashion trends and my personal style throughout the years. This first post will feature the most up-to-date pieces for prom!

Maggie Sottero Flirt                              Maggie Sottero Flirt
Maggie Sottero Flirt                              Blush Prom
Riva Designs Prom                                Riva Designs Prom
Terani Couture Prom                            Terani Couture Prom
Terani Couture Prom                            Crush Prom
Liz Fields                                                 Night Moves by Allure
Tiffany Designs                                       Love 16 by Enzoani
Love 16 by Enzoani                                Mystique Prom by Bonny Bridal