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Pretty Little Liars Fashion: Aria Montgomery — “It Happened That Night”


It Happened That Night

Props to Aria for taking a fashion risk and trying some coloured pants! Although coloured pants can sometimes be tricky to style, Aria wears them perfectly. When working with a tricky colour, remember that you can never go wrong with neutral colours since they go with everything. As with Aria, she paired her bright red jeans with a neutral-coloured top, jacket and boots.

Aria wears the Pacsun Doe Ying Yang Rose Cold Shoulder Tee.

She also rocks these Joe’s Ikat Jeans.


Pretty Little Liars Fashion: Aria Montgomery — “It Happened That Night”


The third season of Pretty Little Liars has officially started and the fashion did not disappoint. Aria kicks off senior year with a cute and casual outfit. She pairs a flowy tunic with jeggings (the cross between jeans and leggings) and some sky-high wedges.

Aria wears the Anthropologie Sweet-Tart Tunic.

She also has the  Anthropologie Hot Air Balloon Scarf ($68.00$39.95)

Here are her Steve Madden Winonna Print Wedges ($133).

Pretty Little Liars Fashion: Hanna Marin — “It Happened That Night”


In case you did not read my previous post regarding Hanna’s ‘obsession’ with fringe, you can click here to read it. Anyways, as if her dress did not have enough fringe, she then wears a fringe bikini! (I actually had no idea those even existed.) With swimwear, any ruffle or fringe detailing around the bust area will create the illusion of a larger and fuller bust.

Hanna rocks this Kandy Wrappers Fringe Bikini Top ($34.50).

Pretty Little Liars Fashion: Hanna Marin — “It Happened That Night”


Sooo… Fringe its back! (I so did not see that coming…) And as we have learned to expect, when Hanna discovered a new trend, she is not afraid to wear a lot of it. In this weeks, episode, Hanna wears a blue dress with fringe literally all over it. (I honestly wonder what its like to dance in that dress. Like would the fringe fly out and whack everyone around her?)

This is Hanna’s Zara Fringe Front Dress.

She also wears a Rebecca Minkoff Satchel and Forever 21 Beaded Geo Bracelet.

Gossip Girl Fashion: Lola Rhodes and Ivy Dickens – “The Fugitives”


So yes, I do know why Lola and Ivy were dressed this way in The Fugitives. (And if you don’t know, go watch it right now!) However, I want to turn the attention away from why they are dressed this way, and talk more about what they are wearing. Peplum dresses have become increasingly popular in the past year. In case you don’t already know what they are, a peplum dress is defined by a short overskirt or ruffle attached at the waistline of a dress or skirt. Lately, they have been seen all over the runways, red carpets, and most recently, on Gossip Girl!

Lola and Ivy are wearing the Mason by Michelle Mason Peplum Dress.

Gossip Girl Fashion: Serena van der Woodsen — “Raiders of the Lost Art”


We see Serena in the episode Raiders of the Lost Art, sporting a fun and bright scarf. I really love how it starts really pops against the rest of her dark outfit.

Serena wears these Repetto ZiZi Oxford Flats ($285).

Here is her Jimmy Choo Lara Woven Shoulder Bag ($2150).

She is also holding the Marc by Marc Jacobs Dreamy Logo Laptop Case ($68).

This is her Theodora & Callum Orange Multi Diamonds Scarf.