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Trends: Do we still follow them?


In their most recent issue, Teen Vogue reports, “[celebrities] are opting to exchange the safety of the expected route in order to lead the tread toward a more unique personal look.”

Ponder upon it for a second and you may see the statement’s accuracy in today’s pop culture. We all remember Lady Gaga’s infamous meat dress and the last time I checked, poultry fashion isn’t (and let’s hope will never be) a trend. For Gaga, it was about wearing what she wanted to wear and having the confidence to do it.

At times it can feel like a challenge to break free from the status quo of fashion — perhaps out of fear of ending up on the worst-dressed lists. However, formulating a personal style that is uniquely distinct from everyone else and suffering a few fashion misses along the way is all part of finding yourself.

Don’t get me wrong though; I’m not telling you to go to your local supermarket to see what garments they have in the meat section. It’s possible to take small risks without pulling a Nicki Minaj or Lady Gaga.

Line said she modified Aria's metallic blue leather skirt from Topshop by adding more pleats and shortening it.

Aria’s skirt is a great example of this. I’m not going to lie though. When I first saw her Topshop Metallic Pleated Skirt, I wasn’t too sure what I thought of it because it was so distant from the regular skirts we normally encounter. But the more I looked at it, the more I thought of what kind of person would wear this piece. This person would have to be a bold risk-taker with an abundance of confidence. This skirt is simply a statement of fashion eccentricity and personal style — like a more wearable version of Gaga.

Try a bold and unexpected piece. You may be surprised by the power of uniqueness.


On April 15th, 1912, 2400 people went to sleep on not just a ship, but a vessel of freedom and dreams. A place that brought upon awe, hope and happiness. They would soon wake to the sound of alarms and shouts and be rushed from their rooms, ordered to put their life belts on. Despite the boats that could have carried only half of the people away, less than 700 people saw the light of day the next morning. Rest in peace, thy 1700 souls that are still in our hearts exactly one century later.

One Century Later…

Plasticizers Detected in EOS Lip Balm!


The Hong Kong Consumer Council randomly selected 30 lip balms currently on the market for heavy metals, chemicals and microbial content. Among the products tested, was the EOS Lip Balm in Sweet Mint. The results showed that the product tested contained the 14.8ppm cancer-causing phthalate ester plasticizers. The Consumer Council followed up by submitting the findings to Customs. Customs noted that since the content is less than 100ppm of phthalates, it would not lead to serious health concerns and decided not to use law enforcement on the product.


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