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Pretty Little Liars Fashion: Spencer Hastings — “Blood is the New Black”


In Blood is the New Black (in that case, I should be writing about blood-coloured outfits!), Spencer wears a beautiful and unique sheer blouse. She is right on trend, as sheer fabrics are a huge trend for this spring and summer season. They are completely versatile since the ‘feel’ of the entire outfit can be determined by what is worn underneath. By showing some skin and wearing nothing but a bandeau underneath (as Hanna often does), gives a sexier feeling. Spencer, on the other hand, opted for a more conservative look with a full-length white tank top.

This is Spencer’s Bellatrix Sheer Embroidered Drawstring Waist Blouse.


Pretty Little Liars Fashion: Aria Montgomery — “Blood is the New Black”


In Blood is the New Black, Aria wears an intricate All Saints dress. My favourite element of this piece is the volume of the skirt. One thing to notice, however, is that you don’t want the volume of the skirt to overwhelm your body. Aria is petite, but the volume of the skirt is kept proportionate to her height, so it works well for her.

Aria wears this All Saints Nightingale Melody Dress.

(If you guys also watch The Lying Game, you may have noticed that Mads wore the same dress on that show!)