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The Vampire Diaries Fashion: Caroline Forbes — “Dangerous Liaisons”


To view Elena’s look from this episode, click here.

I never though of Klaus as much of a fashionista, but the dress he picked out for Caroline (aka Candice Accola) in the episode “Dangerous Liaisons”, proved me wrong. Her gown made her look like she was in her own private fairy tale with Klaus, away from all the crazy drama that was happening.


Caroline wears a blue and silver tulle gown from the designer, Alberto Makali. Costume designer extraordinaire for The Vampire Diaries, Leigh Leverett, talks about her choice for Caroline’s dress in a recent interview for Zap2It. “What I love about Caroline’s dress is the way it’s cut and the silver beading. I don’t know how to put it in words – a lot of times in shopping it just hits me that it’s perfect for that character.

As for Caroline’s wrap, “It’s really cold here while we are shooting. We went around and looked for different wraps, but that one was lighter and daintier and had a silver sheen, so it went better with the dress.”


Click here to view a hair tutorial that is similar to the updo Caroline wears in this episode. The main difference between the two is that Caroline has left some pieces of hair to frame her face. So when you are recreating this look, section off a few pieces of hair around your face and do not include them in your updo.


The Vampire Diaries Fashion: Elena Gilbert — “Dangerous Liaisons”


To view Caroline’s look from this episode, click here.

Words can not describe how gorgeous Elena Gilbert (aka Nina Dobrev) looked in this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, “Dangerous Liaisons”. Everything about her look —  her dress, makeup, and hair — were breathtakingly beautiful when she arrived at the Mikaelsons’ housewarming party.


Elena wears a vintage gown from a store called “Miz Scarletts” in Atlanta. The Vampire Diaries’ costume designer, Leigh Leverett, says the process of finding the perfect gown proved to be quite the challenge. In a recent interview with Zap2Zit, she says, “We don’t have all the fantastic L.A. and New York shopping [in Atlanta]. And sometimes when you are trying to buy dark colors in the spring you can run into problems because everything is bright and pastel-y.” 

Leverett also took inspiration from the Disney classic, Beauty and the Beast. The inspiration was used as, “reference to mix it up from the slinky evening wear you normally see on the show.”


To recreate Elena’s cascading curls, begin by creating a side part with your hair. I recommend using a 3/4 to 1 inch clipless curling iron to curl your entire head. If you have a curling iron with a clip, you can still use it as a clipless iron. Hold the curling iron upside down beside your head, and wrap a piece of hair around the barrel. You want to grab a small enough section of hair and hold it long enough, to create a very structured curl. After curling your entire head, spritz on your favourite hairspray. Grab all your hair and place it to the side opposite of the one that you parted your hair. To keep the hair on one side, bobby pin your hair close to the back of your neck. Voila, you are done!