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Pretty Little Liars Fashion: Emily Fields – “Father Knows Best”


Emily has beautiful clothes though I’ve never been the biggest fan of her style. However, her usual casual and comfortable style actually translated quite well for a more formal occasion. Emily found the perfect medium between casual and formal in the Ali Ro dress.

This is Emily’s Ali Ro Flutter Sleeve Dress.

Emily also adds a J Crew belt and Dolce Vita shoes.


Pretty Little Liars Fashion: Aria Montgomery — “Father Knows Best”


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I really admire Aria for taking such big risks with her outfits. She wore a really daring outfit on this week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, Father Knows Best. Her outfit is an example of how it is possible to mix prints. The key is choosing the right prints to mix together. Some prints are very subtle while others are very bold and loud. When mixing prints, it’s really important not to mix two or more bold prints together. This is when you outfit will look too busy. Pair a bold print with a subtle print, or two subtle prints together. In Aria’s case, her blouse is a subtle print, while her skirt in between subtle and bold.

There are however, no rules when choosing what the pattern of the prints should be. If you want to take a risk like Aria and put leopard print and stars together, go ahead! Have fun with it.

Aria wears the Trina Turk Jazzy Stars Print Top.

Aria takes a risk with the Marc by Marc Jacobs Sphinx Velvet Animal Print Skirt.

Aria’s jacket is by Diane von Furstenberg and her shoes are Jeffrey Campbell (of course!)

Pretty Little Liars Fashion: Aria Montgomery — “Father Knows Best”


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I always love Aria’s dance outfits because I always wonder how Aria’s edgy but feminine style would translate to a more formal look. The dress that she wore to the father-daughter dance in the week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, Father Knows Best, did not disappoint. The shape and flair of the dress was feminine, while the print and colour definitely brought out her edgy side. She also wears an edgy belt to accentuate her waistline.


Aria rocks the Ted Baker Chandelier Dress ($399).


To recreate Aria’s hair from Father Knows Best, start with getting a 1″ or 3/4″ curling iron.  Set the temperature somewhere from medium to high in order to create the spiral curls that Aria has. If your curling iron has a clip, we are not going to use the clip for this hairstyle. Instead, place the curling iron upside down next you your head. Take a 1″ section of hair and wrap it around the curling iron. (Don’t wrap the curling iron around the hair.) Hold for a few seconds until you achieve a spiral curl. Repeat on all you hair.

After curling, pull all you hair to the right. Use a ponytail holder to create a side pony. Make the ponytail fairly loose. You are going for a casual side pony and not a sporty one. If you have shorter pieces in front, keep them out of the side pony like Aria did. Spray your favourite hairspray and c’est fini!