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Review: Maybelline Baby Lips in Grape Vine!!


I was originally really drawn to the Maybelline Baby Lips in Grape Vine when it first hit stores because I wanted to find a dark purple lip colour that wasn’t too dramatic. After using it religiously and finishing the entire tube, here is what I think of it:


I was completely amazed at the moisturizing properties of this product. It was way better any other lip balm or lip butter I have ever used! The texture was very creamy and depending on how much you use it can be used as a lip gloss. I highly recommend this product to everyone who has problematic and dry lips because of this.


Grape vine is the darkest shade that this product comes in. In the tube, it appears to be a dark purple colour. When applied to the lips, this product has sheer pigmentation. It’s not nearly as dark as in the tube but is still noticeable on the lips. However, it looks more like a light burgundy than a purple.


There was nothing special about the packaging. It was average at best. The only thing that stood out about the packaging is that after using it for a few months, the cap became incredibly loose. At times, the cap would even fall off while in my bag.


The smell not the best smelling lip products on the market. I don’t think that anyone should purchase this product based on smell alone. The smell of the shade grape vine is artificial grape. (It may smell like grape medicine to some people.)

Final Thoughts:

Will I be repurchaisng this product? Yes, likely in a different colour. 

Do I recommend this? Yes

Main Pro: Amazingly Moisturizing!

Main Con: Durability of the packaging